Every day is a gold day

Posted by Avadhoot Nasikkar on Saturday, 9 January 2016 0

The tangerine hue
At the crack of the dawn
Light spills from the far horizon
An adieu to shimmering stars
A precursor to a great event
The magnanimous sun
Just about to throw its magnanimous presence
The morning mist starts disappearing
The chirp of the little Indian Bulbul
Breaks the monotony of the receding night
Sonorously declaring the beginning of a new day

A beautiful day could be portrayed like this in verses and as an early riser is the fortunate person to have the privilege of cherishing this picturesque early morning scenario; he gets divinely inspired to step out of his condominium to embrace the nature.
Getting out of the bed and finding oneself on the jogging tracks is the need of the hour as now even young people have started to fall prey to life-style diseases.  The term ‘Good Morning’ is said to be originated abroad where Sun seldom makes its appearance and whenever inhabitants there happened to witness a glimpse of the flamboyant sun, they ended up greeting others ‘Good Morning’. The people of Indian sub-continent are fortunate denizens with the prerogative of having almost every day as a good day as the august sun invariably showers its bright golden rays on the sub-continent. Ancient scriptures have profusely proclaimed the sun as a god in disguise.

These sunny days are an awesome bliss in winters where everybody is tempted to bask under the warm sun. This basking is not only soothing but healthful too as human body creates vitamin D under the sun’s exposure.
The deficiency of the Vitamin D is likely to cause dreadful diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and even few forms of cancer.
Getting vitamin D naturally this way is a far better option than its dietary or supplementary counterparts. The lack of the sun exposure sometimes causes SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or winter depression in the day-to-day parlance.
After getting back home from jogging, a glass of lukewarm lime water with added honey is the next good habit to meticulously imbibe. This magical concoction is not only helpful to people with higher body mass indices but this elixir being a natural cleanser not only boost one’s energy level but also renders a clear and growing skin.

Next good thing is to cut down on sugar and salt consumption as the same is repeatedly advocated by naturopaths and physicians. Our body needs even lower than a gram of sodium but we often end up consuming multiple times that amount. Similar is the story with sugar. A high intake of sugar is one of the major causes of the Candidiasis or Yeast Overgrowth and the same is the root cause of scores of other diseases.
Sticking to high fiber diet is the next wise habit to imbibe. So, one should overlay fruits, vegetables and whole grains on his platter with salad being a sine-qua-none dish. High fiber diet keeps one’s sugar and cholesterol levels under control. Eating fruits is always a better option than opting out for fruit-juices even with the pulp content.
Last, but not the least tip is drinking plenty of fluids as high fiber diet should be properly accompanied by a suitable higher intake of fluids.

Imbibing to good hygiene, physical activities and a balanced diet shall definitely turn good mornings into gold mornings.  

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