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Posted by Avadhoot Nasikkar on Sunday, 10 July 2016 0

A male child is supposed to grow in height until beards start appearing on his chin and in case of a his female counterpart, height stops increasing with the commencement of menses. Generally it is believed that height and the basic body-frame of humans is genetically determined and nothing significant can be done to defy the same.
But this assumption is not completely true when one of the kids born to same parents lags behind his sibling in growth. In this case both the kids have very same genes and the growth environment. And after cracking this riddle, results tell us that it is the eating habit that could significantly determines the growth.
The most common way to check a child’s growth is the peer comparison i.e. comparing his height and weight with his class-mates but more accurate results can only be fetched with the scientific approach using growth calculators developed by pediatric experts.
The kid who splurges on the junk food and carbonated beverages, lacks nutritional inputs like vital vitamins, proteins and minerals which are necessary for the proper growth of a child. The junk food only provides non-nutritional calories to the child and as a result child gradually turns obese. He may look healthy but he lacks the strength and gets tired easily after doing some physical activities. Besides, the major development of the child-brain takes place in the early childhood only and as brain is the biggest consumer of the body glucose produced in the human body, any disruption in the supply of the same makes the child lethargic towards educational activities.
The biggest reason that attracts a child towards the junk food is the taste and its readily availability. Now a days, children no longer wait till their mothers cook food for them but immediately starts killing their hunger by munching packets and packets of junk foods. This junk food has very little ability to mitigate the human hunger and while doing the same in front of a TV screen results in the overeating.
As these junk foods contain extra salt, it results in excessive thirst which is again quenched by gulping carbonated beverages containing a very high dose of sugar. In today’s scenario salt and sugar are collectively termed as white poison by some Ayurveda authorities.
Parents can’t completely deprive their kids from eating these junk foods but they can definitely limit the quantity of the intake along with replacing the same with fresh fruits or juices and smoothies when kids are not that comfortable with eating fruits.
Besides this, for  kids lagging in height and weight, some nutritional products like Horlicks Growth + designed by international pediatric experts- targeted specially for children in age 3-9 age group, might create wonders as it contains high quality whey proteins with added vital nutrients. It is supposed to enable children to regain their lost growth in a time span of just six months.
Children need 20 % more per-kg protein than adults for their proper growth and development. Replenishing these proteins in kids legging in growth, helps them regain their lost growth. The whey protein in Horlicks Growth + is easily digested and quickly gets absorbed in children.
Horlicks growth +  comes in two flavors –chocolate and vanilla, and it ensures healthy weight gain unlike the unhealthy obesity caused by the intake of junk foods.
The last but not the least thing is, it is suitable for pure vegetarians in both of its flavors.

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